Smart Boardroom

Successful boardroom design will allow for multiple functions for each individual business. While it is still the place for the company board of directors to meet and plan the future of the company, the Boardroom may also be:​

  • The place for training staff and management. 

  • The place for closing important contracts with prospective clients. 

  • A room where your company can present itself effectively. The place to display your company’s values and status. 

  • A place to entertain or inform clients, suppliers and staff

As these requirements change for each companies purpose, so do the functions of the room.

Your new Boardroom is going to represent you and your company to some of your most important contacts. It needs to reflect the style and efficiencies that you value, and it also needs to make an effective first impression statement!

Smart Home & Office


Imagine an Intelligent building everywhere...

  • Lights turn on & off automatically as you enter or leave a room

  • You can access your sound system from anywhere in the home. 

  • Your garden is watered when the soil is dry

  • Your heated pool is warm whenever you expect it to be

  • Curtains open for you in the morning and close at night

  • Pre-set scenes adjust light, volume & air-conditioning to your desired moods

  • Access is controlled via remotes, fingerprints or swipe cards

  • The Security & CCTV System is controlled by a single button or phone call or Smartphone App!

Everything can be controlled from almost anywhere on a smartphone or tablet!

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