Managed Print Solutions 



For over a decade our team has delivered managed print solutions for small to medium sized businesses. We proudly offer same day and next day support to a large number of Victorian offices.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) often have no idea just how much printing is going on in their offices. This printing often becomes a ‘forgotten’ expenditure that no one notices. CEOs and directors are often shocked to find that office printing can easily add up to 3-8% of business turnover. Here at Cube, we often help our SME customers save 60% of this cost. 


What is an SME?
The term SME stands for small and medium sized
business enterprises. We classify a business as small
or medium based on the number of employees it has.


We categorise as follows:

  • Small Businesses: 0-19 employees

  • Medium Businesses: 20-199 employees

  • 0-4 employees are categorised as "micro"

SMEs and Managed Print Solutions - fast facts
  • Around 80% of SMEs still purchase printer hardware and consumables on a transactional basis

  • Around 50% of SMEs have never heard of or used managed print solutions before

  • Generally speaking, printer usage has not rapidly declined in the SME market yet

  • Organisations are seeing increased growth in colour print volumes, causing higher expenditure on consumables

  • Most SMEs still view printing as critical or very important in supporting business activities

  • Most businesses still believe MPS is only for large enterprises, not SMEs

Where are most SMEs based?

​Most SMEs in Australia are based in the eastern states (New South Wales, VIctoria, and Queensland). They represented over 70.5% of total industry employment back in 2009-10 — that’s over 7 million people! SMEs also represent the fastest growing sector in Australia for managed print. 

How a managed print environment can save your business over 60% in printing costs

When an SME gains a better understanding of what’s being printed, it becomes easier to measure and control costs for it. Work with us and we can develop a fully managed print environment where you’re in control.


You will get clear visibility over all your printing costs including paper, ink replacements, and general printer maintenance.