"We are the worldwide leader in wireless IP backbone systems for mission-critical applications. We focus on delivering reliable high-bandwidth connectivity for video, voice, and data, providing fiber-like performances over the air."- Fluid Mesh
The Fluidmesh story

Cube proudly provides and installs Fluidmesh products to help upgrade your company’s wireless connectivity. Check out our bio on Fluidmesh to learn more about the company and its revolutionary range of wireless products. 


Fluidmesh was founded in 2005 by a team of researchers and visionaries from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Politecnico of Milan. Our goal was to reliably deliver fibre-like performance via an unlicensed wireless spectrum; providing connectivity for mission-critical video, voice, and data.

Over our first ten years, we saw Fluidmesh become the choice of customers who wanted to have network connectivity without the inconvenience, time or expense of running wire. Recently, we’ve raised the bar; providing uncompromised performance to places wire simply cannot go.

Naturally at Fluidmesh, we think a lot about connecting things to each other and ultimately to the Internet. While there are a lot of technologies that can connect simple things, say a phone, what about the world’s more complicated things?


As the world’s Internet of Things develops, Fluidmesh will play a critical role by bringing broadband connectivity to sites and in environments that are today too hard or large to connect, such as high-speed moving vehicles and trains, large-scale industrial sites, distributed infrastructures and complex urban environment.

Fluidmesh wireless products are the enablers of outdoor and large-scale applications of the Internet of Things: smart cities, urban video-surveillance, connected vehicles and trains, and industrial automation. "Connecting things – it’s what we’re about!"

Why choose Fluidmesh?


Locked and Secure

Fluidmesh's innovative transmission protocol is built to overcome the limits of standard wireless protocol security and to deliver an infrastructure that is hack-free.


Thanks to its proprietary protocol and AES encryption, Fluidmesh is a trusted vendor of the US Army, US Navy and many other military forces around the globe.

Fast Installation

Our radios are designed for low visual impact and easy installation in harsh environments.


All our products are rated for outdoor deployments in very challenging weather conditions.

Robusteness against interferences

Our proprietary transmission protocol is designed to minimise the negative effects of environmental interference.


Fluidmesh network links are entirely redundant in order to ensure you the maximum defence from any kind of interferences.

Reduce the cost of ownership

Limit the cost of ownership by paying only for the throughput you need but your network will be future proof:


you can easily increase throughput by upgrading the network with software plug-ins as traffic requirements increase.

High Reliability

Fluidmesh wireless products offer the highest resiliency to interferences by using a patented smart control on packet retransmission.


You wireless networks will be much more robust to any sort of environmental interference.