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Our managed print services will help you gain more control over printing costs. With the support of our team, you’ll enjoy more visibility over transactions and discover new ways to keep printing costs down.

How will a Managed Print Program save my organisation money?

Stop overlooking all the hidden costs.

Estimates show the average cost of your office printing can range from 3-5% of your annual turnover. So if your organisation’s annual turnover is $1m, annual costs could add up to $30-$50k! 


So there can be a lot to save when you start fixing your print costs. Our Managed Print Program offers transparency with a fixed cost per print. By knowing your exact print costs per page (which includes all supplies and all service) you can easily budget for your annual office printing and can manage your budgets simply and accurately. 


Our simple invoices will give you easy access to the information you need. You’ll find the exact print usage of all devices on your network and accurate costs to date for printing.


Discover the exact cost of each print

How a Managed Print Program can be cheaper than “Pay as you go” .

For a current device, the cost per page for a managed print solution will typically be below 1c per A4 colour print.


Because managed print costs are fixed and all service and supplies are included within this cost, there’s no confusion about how much office printing can cost your organisation.


With a conventional printer, the cost per page can be confusing and very much hidden from the consumer. A typical A4 colour page on a conventional office printer can easily cost 60c, and a print with lots of the page covered can cost $1 or more.

How much does my existing printer cost to run?

The real printing costs of your business.

When you buy a printer, manufacturers advertise that their replacement toners or inks last for a certain amount of prints. They might advertise 500, 1000, 5000 prints etc. What manufacturers don’t tell you is that these anticipated print volumes are estimated on you only covering 5% of the printed page in toner. In the real world this just doesn’t happen. 


If like most businesses you cover on average about 25% of the page when you print, your toners will last 5 times less than advertised.This effectively means your printer will be 5 times more expensive to operate than expected. These hidden costs easily mount up and are hard to quantify because supplies are generally purchased on an "as needed" basis.


Why choose an Our Managed Print Program? 
An honest approach

We look after your machines as if they were our own, we provide a personal experience to you and your staff without the impersonal call centres. 


This comes from over 15 years of service experience. 

No brand

We’re dedicated to solutions, not brands.


We choose the best machines for your individual requirements, not for a brand’s sales quota.

Always proactive

Our proactive technical and customer service team will restock your consumables and can suggest any improvements. 


Unlike other providers, we won’t leave you stuck with an expensive printing option because it generates more revenue.

With the right printer maintenance schedule in place, you can save time, money, and minimise

Start taking control of your printing costs.


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