Invest in better telephone maintenance

Your business phone system is an integral for communicating with your customers and colleagues. It represents a significant investment and is an extremely important tool forming an important part of your business success.

To ensure that this business tool is working to its best capacity at all times, Cube can provide detailed Telephone System Maintenance Agreement's.

Maintenance Agreements offer more than just insurance. They assure you the maximum return on your investment and help improve performance results, customer satisfaction and cost certainty across your communications platform.

Cube only installs and services world class leading brands. In the unlikely event of a fault occurring, it can be covered by a Maintenance Agreement with us. You will be provided with the following:



Priority service over

non-maintenance clients


24 hour service access at reduced rates


4-hour response to critical system fault


8-hour response to

non-critical system fault


Free replacement of defective parts


Free labour for all maintenance work

Access to our comprehensive stock holding of critical spares 

One free training session for new and/or existing staff each year

System data backup (where applicable)

Free updates on released maintenance software (if required)

Adds, moves and changes at reduced maintenance rates 

Support from our team of engineers

We are confident in fixing any of your telephone system’s problems thanks to our team of experienced and highly-qualified engineers. Our team of engineers has a combined experience of around 50 years!

Agreement inclusions

No matter which telephone system you choose, we can provide you with a new system standard maintenance agreement. This agreement will give you the same features as our Stand-Alone Standard Maintenance Agreement. You will receive the same priority service and response times for any faults.

*Please refer to the full details and terms which are provided in your specifically designed custom agreement.