For over a decade we’ve helped educational institutions and public sector organisations streamline their printing and save thousands on print costs.

Over the years we’ve helped Schools, Colleges, Universities, and other Public Sector organisations by creating managed print solutions. We carry out a full assessment of printing activity and costs. The daily needs of every student, teacher and staff member are always considered. We then design a customised print solution that keeps up with printing demands while staying in line with a strict budget. 

Is my institution too small for a Managed Print Solution?

A new print strategy can benefit any organisation regardless of how big or small they are. Even a customer with only one printer can save thousands of dollars a year in printing costs with a new print strategy in place. 

Managing your budget


Most education and public sectors don’t investigate their printing budgets till tax time rolls around. They also delay investigating new technologies and looking into new printing solutions as a result of tight budget limitations. A non-managed print environment can send costs soaring. A new print solution doesn’t have to result in large capital outlays. The capital cost of a print solution can be spread over 5 years with a managed print solution. This can result in immediate savings in print supplies, service, paper, and energy consumption.

Why managed print solutions work for education


Most schools, colleges and universities have no specific print strategy in place. New copiers and printers are only purchased when the need arises. As a result, most educational establishments end up with multiple printer brands and print suppliers with no consistency in costs. 


No thought is given to running costs for new devices when they’re purchased. In some cases new copiers and printers might only come with a 1 year warranty. So additional service and maintenance costs can really start to add up as spoon as the models start to age. 


Managing a fleet of multi-brand printers and copiers is not only difficult but more expensive and less environmentally friendly. Operating a fully managed print infrastructure with the same brand models and supplies can help bring more consistency to running costs.

Cost Savings


All Maintenance and supplies included

A managed print solution includes all printer maintenance and supplies. It’s one source for everything print related at your organisation. If a problem arises with one of your printers, our dedicated service centre can quickly take care of it for you.


  • Automated ordering of printer supplies

  • Automated meter readings (many models)

  • Proactive support and printer management

Streamlining all your print solutions


Every printer solution we supply is designed around your existing work environment. After carrying out a thorough and detailed assessment, we design a print solution that will streamline your print workflow. This solution will effectively reduce the time your staff waste on troubleshooting and maintaining all printing equipment. 


Regain control 

Your new managed print solution gives you control of your whole print environment.


  • Get full departmental print statistics and usage information

  • Fault reporting and supplies available online 24/7

  • Set department budgets and bill accordingly

  • Direct specific print jobs to the most cost effective print devices

  • Secure printing activated by staff using access codes and login credentials 

Environmental benefits
  • Fewer and more energy-efficient print devices used to reduce energy usage

  • Specific print policies in place such as duplex printing to reduce paper wastage

  • Auto-office detection that powers down printers when the office is not in use

  • Pull-printing to reduce non-collected print jobs

Can my department sign up if the rest of the organisation doesn’t?

It’s not out of the ordinary for one department to have their own managed print agreement. We are more than happy to cater for this and our solutions can always be scaled to include more departments from the same organisation in the future. Our managed print solutions usually extend to more departments of an organisation after they see the successful implementation of it.

Is a managed print solution correct for your school, college or university?

The answer to this is simple. Yes.


Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 4.14.34 pm.png
Our managed print solution will save your school anywhere between 30-70% on your existing print costs.